Wyde Labs provides software and cloud-based services that are accelerating the next era of precision location and spatial contextual awareness. Our mature code base boasts:

    A modern software architecture

    Source code access for ease-of-use and platform portability
    Field-proven algorithmic content for sensor fusion

    Infrastructure synchronization services for precision location

UWB changes the game for a new generation of use cases and applications but adding UWB to an existing or new product is too difficult and time-consuming. Wyde Labs is working to remedy this.

Precision Location

Centimeters, not meters, unlocking new possibilities in tracking and indoor navigation.

Spatial Contextual Awareness

Intuitive, seamless interaction across people, places, and things in real or hybrid-virtual worlds.

Cloud-Based Dev Tools and Services

Develop your product quickly and visualize and observe behaviors throughout its lifecycle.

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